Ari Atoll Hotels

Hilton (Conrad) Rangali Island
This luxury resort spreads itself over two islands and is reached either by ferry or a sea plane. The recently refurbished beach villas, seven restaurants, spas and well stocked wine cellar are but few of the treats in store here. The core attraction here of course is Ithaa, the world’s only undersea restaurant, so eminent that bookings must be made two weeks in advance. Local attractions include snorkel safaris, carious combinations of snorkelling with island hopping, dolphin watching and romantic cruises. The resort is close to the island of Mandhoo, where guests can roam the village, exploring its gardens and sampling the fresh produce therein.
Sun Island Resort
Located on the picturesque Nalaguraidhoo Island, Sun Island Resort comes with private water bungalows, bird sanctuary, a selection of restaurants and more. It takes half an hour to get there by sea plane and around 3 – 4 hours by a much cheaper speed boat. Allow your own caprice to choose between the long seascape sail or the shorter glide to the Resort. The long jetty leading there is impressionable, to say the least, providing a panoramic view of typically Maldivian beauty. Excursion guides will lead you to tourist resorts, local fish markets and uninhabited islands. Amongst various types of fishing, those offered are big game fishing, sunrise and sunset fishing.
Ranveli Village
The journey to Ranvelli village (either by ferry or seaplane) is concluded by a short trip on the traditional dhoni. The relatively small island of Ranvelli is easily distinguished by its naturally formed mini-peninsula, a strip of pure, white beach. If unwinding on this sand slice isn’t you’re cup of tea, the island homes a water sports centre and marine club which offer windsurfing, scuba diving and of course, snorkelling. The three star status of Ranvelli Village makes it more affordable and is recommended for those with less exquisite budgets.
Mirihi Island Resort
This resort named after the myriad of yellow flowers that flourish all over the resort’s island and is reached, as usual, by sea plane or a ferry. Being one of the smaller resorts in Ari Atoll, Mirihi Island is meant for those seeking true seclusion and solitude from the world. The hotel offers the standard variety of activities; water sports, diving, snorkelling and excursions but really prides itself on tailoring vacations to your desires. Traditional wedding ceremonies too, are not out of the question and for a really unique experience, make sure to eat their ‘feet-in-the-water’ breakfast before bonding with your hammock.
Angaga Island Resort
After reaching the Island via sea plane or ferry, one has the choice of living under a thatched beach bungalow or water villa. This simplistic resort caters to those seeking a more rustic experience of the Maldives and comes with its own ‘coconut spa’. The island’s geography makes its eastward side a wiser choice for accommodation. (The West doesn’t get much of a breeze and is said to have mosquitoes.) Water activities such as snorkelling are on offer and visitors are encouraged to try Angaga Island’s delicious deep-fried bananas to make the trip complete.