This half of Ari Atoll has attractions almost identical to its Northern partner. The South is also blessed with beautiful dive sites and interesting historical areas. The Angaga Thila is a gargantuan coral structure that extends upwards, breaking through the ocean surface. To unfold the secrets of its surrounding waters you need to be a more professional diver. Strong tides invite the intimidating grey and white reef sharks to swim among the tuna and snappers of the thila. Up on top of the corals you can spot stonefish, snails and crabs.
Conversely, the Maaya Thila is one for beginners. It is ridden with caves that are always exciting to explore, especially when a reef shark or eagle ray decides to swim by. You can expect the corals of each thila to be breathtaking and flooded with colour. They will incessantly shimmer with the sunlight that reaches down through the clear water and be a prime habitat for a rich assortment of reef fish.

Fenfushi Island contains an ancient mosque, its wooden panels intricately decorated with lacquer work. Ariadhoo Island boasts instead, the legacy of a different religion. It is uninhabited and holds the remains of a Buddhist temple, including a stupa, which is a mound filled with Buddhist relics. This is particularly interesting because stupas didnít just contain statues and gems, they were supposed to hold the relics of the Buddha himself.