Maldives Tour Operators

If you visit the Maldives with no particular plan in mind, harbouring some romanticised of spontaneous trips and pleasures, the chances are that some of your idyllic improvisations might not work out. Donít be afraid that a tour operator will suffocate your vacation with a million activities or that you will be compromising relaxations with a schedule. The fact remains that you pick your package. A good tour operator will have a whole selection of these and it should not be hard to select something that caters to your desires.
You donít want to run happily to a dock with rented fishing gear in the dark just to realise that you cannot participate in big game fishing at night because the boats are full. Similarly, it would be unpleasant to take a random (but expensive) snorkelling trip where you see about three fish and a patch of sea grass. Pre-booking with a tour operator ensures that you will always have a seat on the midnight whale watching expedition and that all the little details of any other excursions you plan will be taken care of. Furthermore, having all your holiday wants taken care of in advance will save you money in the long run.
There are two classes of Tour Operator; regional and package operators. Package operators are based chiefly in England and Germany and they offer exactly the same services as those found in the Maldives. Youíd be happier dealing with the local ones though because they know their country inside out, which is pretty important considering the Maldives is comprised of over a thousand islands. A regional tour operator will have flawless information on each island you plan to visit, its resorts and restaurants, and all the activities available there. If your plan on spending a lot of time in the water, go for a local operator that specialises in aquatic expeditions. While an ordinary operator will be intimate with each and every beautiful Maldivian island, the undersea experts will guide you to the best sites for diving, surfing and snorkelling.
Regional tour operators are without a doubt, your best choice. Distance is not a problem in this day and age of course. You can arrange everything with them over the phone or online before flying to that the moment you slip into the land of sand-trimmed lagoon, your vacation unfolds at once with no creases.